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Simply the best laser tattoo removal on the market

Finally, high-quality laser tattoo removal is available in Connecticut at Vivesse Laser and Skin Care Center. Under the supervision of double board-certified surgeon Dr. Lori Greenwald, our aesthetic registered nurses deliver the most advanced laser light technology to remove unwanted tattoos.

Laser tattoo removal is a simple cosmetic procedure that removes undesirable tattoos through a series of laser treatments. Laser technology has been used for several decades as the most effective method to eliminate tattoos. At Vivesse, we are proud to be the only facility in New England using the Quanta three wavelength technology. This state-of-the-art equipment removes designs of all colors without scarring or long-term damage to skin.

At our relaxing, spa-like offices near Hartford, CT, you will receive personalized and understanding care at the hands of our award-winning staff with twenty-five years of laser experience. Our treatments are safe, cost effective, and very well tolerated, with minimal side effects and virtually no downtime.

Call Vivesse today at (860) 286-8000 and start living without that mistake on your skin.