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Laser Tattoo Removal Technology

At Vivesse we use the most important advance in laser tattoo removal – the Quanta Q Plus C laser. This instrument is really three lasers in one, combining three different wavelengths in a single device.

Why is this important? Because tattoos are composed of many colors. These colors respond to different wavelengths of light. It’s just not possible to treat all colors without a variety of different laser lights.

Not only does the Quanta Laser offer multiple wavelengths. It is also one of the most powerful lasers on the market. More energy translates to more power to break apart the ink that makes up a tattoo.

All of these features mean
• Over 90% clearance of tattoos
• Less pain
• Less sessions
• Less expense because of fewer treatments

Know what you are getting into. Take the time to educate yourself. Once you do, you will make the smart choice – the Quanta Laser at Vivesse.